Lake Minnetonka Women in Charge

Idea Factory’s Tammy Hauser was profiled in Lake Minnetonka Magazine’s article, Lake Minnetonka Women in Charge:

It seems like there’s a time in each of our lives when we take a step back and take inventory of our accomplishments. Sometimes we’re pleased with what we see and other times… well, we’re forced to realize that we’re in need of a massive overhaul.

In the business world, Tammy Hauser is a specialist in these situations. Ten years ago, Hauser put her analytical and creative talents to good use and started Blue Sky Thinking, a consulting company that helps local non-profit organizations evaluate their business strategies and implement changes that restructure, reinvent or simply rejuvenate their organizations.

Hauser calls them her turn-arounds. “These organizations, they’re committed to their missions,” praises Hauser, “but sometimes not so successful on the business end of things.” After a few adeptly executed changes, however, organizations like the Animal Humane Society and the Springboard for the Arts have come to serve as shining examples of the positive changes that Hauser’s company can make.

To date, however, Hauser’s most successful turn-around is arguably her own personal life. As a divorced and re-married single mother, Hauser of Minnetonka spent years struggling to establish some semblance of balance between her thriving professional career and an utter lack of personal time. “I felt alone and stuck,” recalls Hauser, “in the midst of my marriage, divorce, work and kids, I had lost sight of me…and it was like I was just then coming up for air.”

Hauser evaluated her own life much as she did the many companies she worked with, and quickly recognized the deficits:  few female friendships, little time for personal reflection and growth, and most of all—no fun. “I missed feeling 13 again,” admits Hauser, citing the close friendships and frivolous fun of her adolescent years. And Hauser had a sneaking suspicion that she wasn’t the only over-worked and mentally exhausted girl out there.

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