Star Tribune: ‘Pajama Party’ is the ultimate girlfriend experience

From the article:

Barbara Carlson, clad in a demure plaid flannel nightgown and a three-strand string of pearls, nibbled crustless tea sandwiches and mini-tostadas as she lounged in a white upholstered loveseat at the Lab Theater in Minneapolis’ Warehouse District.

“Let’s play ‘Have You Ever?’ ” shouted someone from the stage. “Have you ever … gone out wearing nothing but a trench coat?”

“Well, I once went to the airport wearing nothing but a fur coat,” volunteered the flamboyant media personality to a swell of approving laughter from the other 100 or so women in the audience, also sporting various exemplars of sleepwear.

Such was the confessional-sleepover atmosphere on opening night of “The Ultimate Pajama Party,” a new experiment in interactive theater that combines variety-show skits and banter with contests and games.

It’s long been a given that women purchase 70 percent of theater tickets — a fact also not lost on those behind such female-focused shows as “Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women,” “Menopause, the Musical” and “Church Basement Ladies.”

And plays by and/or about women make money. While men write 80 percent of produced theatrical work, Broadway plays written by women earn on average 18 percent more than those written by men, according to a recent Princeton study.

Marketers of other types of events are also zeroing in on female ticket buyers, such as “Fire of Hope: A Girlfriends’ Getaway for God,” a weekend event held earlier this month at the State Theatre.

“Pajama Party” also targets packs of middle-aged women. But it amps up the girlfriend experience by getting the audience in on the action while encouraging tweeting, photo-taking and strolls to the bar mid-performance. Tickets are $69 for regular seating, and $99 for a “VIP” lounge up front, including cabana-boy — yes, you heard right — table service and, if you’re so inclined, foot massages.

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